3 Must Have Accessories and Tools for Your Tractor

Any farmer or person that earns their living in agriculture probably holds their tractor as their prized possession. A properly operating tractor can mean the difference between success and failure. A farmer’s tractor is their tireless workhorse that is capable of performing many different tasks necessary to have a successful season and feed their families while continuing to grow their business. Regular tractor care and maintenance is a must if you want to keep such a hardworking piece of equipment running for a decent amount of time. That means regular preventative maintenance like oil changes, hydraulic fluid replenishment, radiator clearing, and more. Some of these tasks have to be performed multiple times in a single working day to be effective and avoid costly repairs or even a total tractor replacement. However, tractor operation, care, and maintenance can be quite a difficult task without the right tools and accessories.

Check out these 3 must-have accessories and tools for every tractor owner or farmer…

Locking Coupler

LockNLube Locking Grease Couplers are specially designed to make greasing a breeze.

Greasing is a necessary evil for all heavy duty equipment and tractor users. If a tractor is not properly and regularly greased the essential mechanisms that allow it to function properly will ultimately fail. This means that expensive repairs are an inevitability if operators are not making greasing a priority. However, greasing can be a frustrating and difficult workday interruption. Fortunately, an innovative company called LockNLube has created a locking coupler that is guaranteed to lock in place around most grease fittings so that you can keep both hands free for greasing. This heavy-duty coupler is rated for up to 10,000 PSI and will not leak or pop off once properly secured to a fitting.

Wire Tight

Wire Tight is an innovative product that makes tightening loose barbed wire fences a breeze. The Wire Tightbarbed wire fence tightener is a fantastic tool and accessory for any tractor operator because it can be used to rejuvenate barbed wire fences as you

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Wire Tight will help you rejuvenate loose fence lines in minutes!

come across problem areas in a small amount of time with very little effort. Storing your Wire Tight on your tractor while you go about your daily tasks eliminates the need for long and drawn out treks across your property just to refresh your fence line. Fix a fence line in minutes as you go! The unique design is specially calibrated to take up six whole inches of slack with each bite! Check it out in this video!

Radiator Genie

The Radiator Genie is a patented tool that can be easily used to clean out tough to reach spots on your tractor or other kinds of farming equipment. The kit comes with an air wand that hooks up to a compressor and can be used to blow out debris. There is also a water wand that can be easily hooked up to a common water hose. Each wand is

Radiator Genie has revolutionized the way heavy duty equipment users clean their equipment!

specially shaped to reach behind radiators to make sure every bit of grease and grime is removed and your radiator stays unclogged and you can keep on farming. I especially love the fact that the water wand eliminates the need to lug around a heavy (and many times hard to use) power washer every time I need to wash out my tractor’s radiator. If you’d like to see a more thorough review of the Radiator Genie you can check out this video.

4 Hot Weather Ag Equipment Maintenance Tips!

Summertime is here! While the summertime brings many fun family gatherings and holidays, it also brings the heat. In many parts of the country the summertime heat can be downright dangerous to people and equipment. In fact, many significant equipment failures can be linked to extreme temperatures. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to be sure your equipment is ready for this summer’s potentially record breaking heat!

Perform Daily Inspections

Paying special attention to essential operating systems daily is a great way to stay on top of any issues that may arise with your equipment during hot summer weather. Always make sure your tractors, loaders, backhoes, and more are topped off with coolant. It is also a great idea to check your radiator cap daily to make sure it seals properly and releases pressure.  In addition, keep a close eye on your hydraulic systems. Heat can wreak havoc on hydraulic systems like the ones that operate your tractor bucket or backhoe.

Clear Debris Regularly

One of the leading culprits in hot weather equipment catastrophes is overheating. Overheating is often caused by blocked or clogged up radiators because blocked radiators cannot cool an engine properly. For this reason, it is important to regularly clear debris from your radiator as well as any inlets and outlets on your equipment. The Radiator Genie air wand is great for using compressed air to clear dry debris while the water wand is fantastic for clearing away mud and grease.

Proper Operation

It’s important for operators to avoid overworking the equipment during the summer. Using it beyond its set capabilities could lead to expensive breakdowns and overheating. Also, in order to avoid damage to the machine’s turbos, operators need to make sure to let their machines idle before shutting it down. Training yourself and your team members in proper summer maintenance on your particular machines is essential to avoiding unnecessary delays or catastrophic breakdowns.

Think People

One of the most important parts of proper vehicle maintenance is the operator. We put a lot of emphasis on taking care of out machines, but it is even more important to take care of the equipment operators. Be sure to prioritize replenishing yourself with fluids, electrolytes, and give yourself proper breaks to cool down. After all, your equipment can’t operate without you! Prioritizing self-care in the summer heat assures that you will be ready for anything that gets thrown your way including break downs, critters, and more!

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4 Ways To Make Fixing Barbed Wire Fencing A Breeze!

There are many advantages to barbed wire fencing in today’s agriculture and livestock environment. For example, barbed wire is easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and versatile in its uses. Although barbed wire does offer many advantages, a properly maintained and rejuvenated barbed wire fence will last agriculturists and property owners much longer than a fence that is not properly maintained.

A Fence Is Only As Strong As Its Parts

The first thing to consider when constructing and maintaining a barbed wire fence is that this type of fencing is only as strong as its weakest strand. For this reason, it is essential to view the entire fence line regularly. This goes for even little used areas that may rarely be visited by both livestock and people.

 A loose wire or post down your fence line will ultimately impact the integrity of your fence in other more essential areas. Some issues you can run into if your whole fence line isn’t relatively frequently maintained include loose posts or sagging and broken wire. All of these situations can create an unsafe environment for your livestock and others who may live and work in your area.

Keep It Clear

Although barbed wire fencing has proven to be an effective method for a variety of fencing needs, this versatile type of fencing needs to be kept free of obstructing trees, roots, and other invasive plants. Plants and other natural growths can start to creep over the wire and tangle into the barbed wire strands. The real problem comes when the plant starts to affect the coating of the barbed wire. Eventually the coating is broken down and the fencing is susceptible to moisture.

Trim back the plants and trees that try to grow along your fence line. Built up debris in the barbs can cause structural weaknesses, as well as invite damage to the wiring itself. If you want to enjoy your barbed wire fence for many years, ridding your fence line of foliage is one way to ensure barbed wire fencing longevity!

Use The Right Tools

There are some great barbed wire fencing tools out there on the market that make repairing and rejuvenating barbed wire a breeze. However, it is essential to choose a tool that works well, doesn’t break the bank, and doesn’t break down the integrity of your wire fencing. Many fencing tools require splicing, twisting, and generally breaking down barbed wire to tighten it back to its original shape. Fortunately, there is a tool on the market that doesn’t require all that extra work.

The WireTight fence tightening tool was specially designed for use on barbed wire fences. Instead of twisting and breaking wire, the WireTight creates “waves” in the fencing to take up slack. This easy-to-use tool is lightweight and affordable so it won’t break you back your bank! You can learn more about the WireTight fence tightener here.

Stay Safe!

One of the best ways to make barbed wire fence maintenance and installation a breeze is to wear the proper safety gear. Nothing will end your enthusiasm for barbed wire fence maintenance like injuries, big and small. To avoid injuries, wear thick leather gloves and long sleeves.

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How To Show Your Car Love During Napa’s Love Your Car Month!

There are many ways to show your car love during Napa’s Love Your Car Month!

Set A Maintenance Schedule

Vehicles have become harder to repair in recent years due to all of the technology that now comes standard on most vehicles. Even the most basic model vehicles now come standard with back up cameras and Bluetooth audio systems. This shouldn’t stop you from showing your car love in April by setting a clear maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Savvy owners can still perform or schedule basic maintenance for their vehicle without having to contact a dealer.

Setting a maintenance schedule for things like air filters, windshield wipers, and cabin air filters will help keep you on track. Unfortunately, these basic auto maintenance items often fall through the cracks. Use your mobile device calendar to set reminders to check your basic maintenance items regularly so you’re not stuck out in the rain with bad wipers or depriving your engine of oxygen.

Keep It Clean

Showing your car love by keeping it clean is one of the best ways to make your vehicle last. Keeping your car clean allows you to spot trouble before it causes catastrophic failures. For example, it can be hard to spot disastrous oil leaks or dangerous chassis imperfections on a dirty vehicle. In addition, maintaining your vehicle while you clean it is also a great way to save time!

There are some very useful items that can make keeping your car clean an absolute breeze. Your local Napa store has many items like washes, waxes, wipes, and more! In fact, you can find a Radiator Genie at any Napa store near you. A Radiator Genie can be hooked up to any standard water hose or air compressor to blast away dirt and debris. Click here to learn more about Radiator Genie!

Restore The Headlights

If you aim to impress with your vehicle, it can be hard to do so with hazy headlights. Restore your headlights to their former glory by using a headlight restoration kit from Napa Auto Parts. You might be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

Restoring your headlights is a great way to show yourself some love too! Hazy headlights can be dangerous. The oxidation or dirt and debris that causes your headlights to be hazy also lead to them being less effective. If your headlights are not clear, that means that you are no longer able to see or be seen at night.

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How To Find Reliable Used Farm Equipment

Owning brand new farm equipment is a dream! Unfortunately, it is also an expensive dream at times. Purchasing new equipment to use on the farm is not always an option for many hard working people. Fortunately, there are many people and businesses who are willing to sell their used equipment for a fraction of the new price. This means that the “new to you” tractor that you need to have a great harvest this season might not be out of your reach after all. The key is knowing what to look for and what to avoid.

Know What You Need

A very important first step in buying used agricultural equipment is defining what it is you actually need. Understanding what you can go without and what you absolutely must have will help you find the best deal for your particular situation. For example, if you live in southern Florida, an air-conditioned cab might be high up on your list of priorities while someone in a more mild climate might be able to do without that specific feature.

Before you even set out and start searching for used farm equipment, make a list of the equipment you need and all of the features it absolutely must have. If you have a little extra time, it is even a good idea to list all of the “pluses”. These are features that you don’t absolutely need, but it would be nice to have. This list of additional features will help you narrow down the list of equipment even further to find the perfect piece of used farm equipment for an even better price.

Ask for Maintenance History

Purchasing used equipment can sometimes seem like a huge gamble in comparison to purchasing brand new farm equipment. The process doesn’t have to be so uncertain though. Anyone you purchase your equipment from should be able to provide some sort of proof of proper maintenance. This should be true for both independent sellers and businesses who repair and sell used equipment.

Things you should look for in a piece of used equipment’s maintenance history include fuel and oil filter replacements, winterization practices, and regular greasing. It is also a good idea to check out the battery and air filter compartments if those are present in the piece of equipment you are considering. Examining the contents of those particular compartments will tell you if the equipment has been well taken care of or forgotten in a shed somewhere.

Search For Grime

If a piece of equipment has been taken care of as it should have been, it will be clean when you arrive to inspect it. If used farm equipment is not kept clean, a variety of issues can crop up. For example, it is incredibly difficult to spot leaks and other signs of potential issues when a piece of equipment is dirty. Diagnosing mechanical issues is also very difficult when equipment is covered in grime. Assessing the level of cleanliness on and around a piece of used equipment is a great way to determine how well it was cared for by its previous owner.

However, cleaning up your equipment before selling it is selling 101. To be sure the seller is not being dishonest, it is a good idea to examine hard-to-reach places that might have been missed during a quick cleaning. Some good places to check before committing to a purchase include the chassis and behind the radiator.

Beware Deal Breakers

There are certain mechanical and structural issues that are full on deal breakers when it comes to purchasing used farm equipment. On the other hand, there are also problems that just come with the territory. For examples, huge deal breakers would include questionable wiring, black smoke emitting from the exhaust, and

Greasing is a necessary evil for all heavy duty equipment and tractor users. If a tractor is not properly and regularly greased the essential mechanisms that allow it to function properly will ultimately fail. This means that expensive repairs are an inevitability if operators are not making greasing a priority.

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How to Prep Your Equipment for Planting After Storage

Properly preparing your planting equipment for winter storage is essential for success. However, reversing that preparation and making your equipment ready again for planting season is equally as important. Readying your machinery for planting can extend your equipment life, reduce regular maintenance costs, and save you precious time when the real work of planting actually begins.

Change Air & Fuel Filters

Whether your tractor uses diesel or gasoline fuel, it is still a combustion engine that needs the proper mixture of fuel to oxygen to run at optimal levels. This means that clean and fresh air and fuel filters are a must.

A clean air and fuel filter will allow your planting equipment to operate at an optimal level. This means that your planting will be more efficient, your equipment will not go down unexpectedly, and you will avoid costly repairs during the planting season.

Clean & Maintain Fuel Tanks

As a part of your winter preparation, it is recommended that you empty your gas tank or add a fuel stabilizer to a full tank of gas. If you’re not sure about the status of the gas in your tank, it is a good idea to go ahead and empty the planting equipment tank and start with fresh gas. It is even a good idea to drop the gas tank completely and clean it or, at the very least, run a fuel system safe cleaner in your first fill up after winter storage.

While this planting preparation may seem like a lot of work right before the busy planting season, you can be sure this important step will save you a lot of headache down the road. During the winter, unstabilized fuel can collect moisture and gum up sensitive fuel systems on tractors. Proper tractor maintenance can prevent costly delays in planting and machinery repairs.

Clear Radiators & Engines

A lot can befall our precious planting equipment over the winter months. From insect and rodent nests to falling leaves and more, a lot of debris can build up in our machinery before the planting season. Not to mention any debris that was missed in your pre-storage cleaning. Cleaning your equipment’s radiator and engine compartment will help keep your tractor cool during planting.

Planting preparation cleaning doesn’t have to be a drag though. There are specially designed tools out there to help keep your equipment clean without breaking your back or wasting time. The Radiator Genie is one such tool. With a water wand that simply hooks up to any standard water hose and an air wand that attaches to any air compressor, you can blast away dirt and debris in no time! Don’t worry about craning your neck, hurting your back, or scratching up your arm to get at hard to reach places. The Radiator Genie has a long tube and specially curved nozzle to make reaching those places easy!

Grease, Grease, & More Grease

Checking all of your fittings, bearings, and other grease-able mechanisms on all of your planting equipment is key for a successful planting season. Over the winter months, grease can be washed away, become gummy, and collect dirt and debris.

Greasing is a necessary evil for all heavy duty equipment and tractor users. If a tractor is not properly and regularly greased the essential mechanisms that allow it to function properly will ultimately fail. This means that expensive repairs are an inevitability if operators are not making greasing a priority.

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