The Radiator Genie is an extremely versatile tool despite its specific name. Yes, this tool was specifically created to blast away dirt, grease, and grime from hard to reach radiators with ease. However, its unique and patented design makes Radiator Genie the perfect tool for almost any situation on your farm or ranch whether you are a professional or a hobbyist.

Check out these 4 amazing ways to use Radiator Genie on your farm or ranch!

Clean Feed Troughs

Whether you’re watering livestock or feeding beloved horses, several tough and trusty feed troughs are must-haves on any farm or ranch, big or small. Water and feed troughs can get dirty with caked on mud, food, and other unsightly substances. Thankfully, the Radiator Genie water wand is a lightweight and easy to use alternative to a pressure washer when you need to blast away dried on grass, mash, and mud.

Blow Away Hay

Many times, the unsung hero of the Radiator Genie water and air wand combo is the air wand. This is because the air wand has a variety of uses that often go overlooked. For example, it can be used for blowing away hay, wood shavings, and dirt out of stalls and off of walkways. Keep your barn floor spic and span with the Radiator Genie air wand!

Fence & Corral Washing

We know that operating a farm or ranch can involve a lot of dirt and grime. This is especially true for any equipment that is used for containing livestock like fences or corrals. All manner of mud, dirt, and unspeakable things get flung about by their hooves and inevitably ends up stuck to your expensive corral pens. Every now and again it is a good idea to hose off your corral pen to look for rust or potential areas where a rowdy steer or stallion might break through. Thankfully, the Radiator Genie is the perfect tool for such a task! It is lightweight, can be attached to a water hose, and increases the pressure of a regular water hose enough to spray up to 40 feet!

Clear Out Vents

Good ventilation is essential in a quality barn. As a part of a good ventilation system, most barns have vents, windows, or slats that allow air to pass through when open to increase airflow as necessary. Unfortunately, these ventilation mechanisms can sometimes get stopped up with dust, cobwebs, and more. Furthermore, they can often be out of easy arm’s reach. Well, with the Radiator Genie, there’s no need to stress! The air wand is a great tool for blasting away cobwebs and dust when you need to reopen the ventilation in your barn.


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