There are many advantages to barbed wire fencing in today’s agriculture and livestock environment. For example, barbed wire is easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and versatile in its uses. Although barbed wire does offer many advantages, a properly maintained and rejuvenated barbed wire fence will last agriculturists and property owners much longer than a fence that is not properly maintained.

A Fence Is Only As Strong As Its Parts

The first thing to consider when constructing and maintaining a barbed wire fence is that this type of fencing is only as strong as its weakest strand. For this reason, it is essential to view the entire fence line regularly. This goes for even little used areas that may rarely be visited by both livestock and people.

 A loose wire or post down your fence line will ultimately impact the integrity of your fence in other more essential areas. Some issues you can run into if your whole fence line isn’t relatively frequently maintained include loose posts or sagging and broken wire. All of these situations can create an unsafe environment for your livestock and others who may live and work in your area.

Keep It Clear

Although barbed wire fencing has proven to be an effective method for a variety of fencing needs, this versatile type of fencing needs to be kept free of obstructing trees, roots, and other invasive plants. Plants and other natural growths can start to creep over the wire and tangle into the barbed wire strands. The real problem comes when the plant starts to affect the coating of the barbed wire. Eventually the coating is broken down and the fencing is susceptible to moisture.

Trim back the plants and trees that try to grow along your fence line. Built up debris in the barbs can cause structural weaknesses, as well as invite damage to the wiring itself. If you want to enjoy your barbed wire fence for many years, ridding your fence line of foliage is one way to ensure barbed wire fencing longevity!

Use The Right Tools

There are some great barbed wire fencing tools out there on the market that make repairing and rejuvenating barbed wire a breeze. However, it is essential to choose a tool that works well, doesn’t break the bank, and doesn’t break down the integrity of your wire fencing. Many fencing tools require splicing, twisting, and generally breaking down barbed wire to tighten it back to its original shape. Fortunately, there is a tool on the market that doesn’t require all that extra work.

The WireTight fence tightening tool was specially designed for use on barbed wire fences. Instead of twisting and breaking wire, the WireTight creates “waves” in the fencing to take up slack. This easy-to-use tool is lightweight and affordable so it won’t break you back your bank! You can learn more about the WireTight fence tightener here.

Stay Safe!

One of the best ways to make barbed wire fence maintenance and installation a breeze is to wear the proper safety gear. Nothing will end your enthusiasm for barbed wire fence maintenance like injuries, big and small. To avoid injuries, wear thick leather gloves and long sleeves.

Get the job done fast with “tools that work!” Visit our shop or check out one of our retail partners to pick up a Wire Tight, today!

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