4 Heavy Duty Uses for The Radiator Genie – Industrial

Available in early 2019!

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While our regular Radiator Genie is sturdy and made to last, some of our Industrial or Heavy Duty customers have requested a few upgrades to our standard kit. In response, we created the Radiator Genie Industrial! This enhanced Radiator Genie configuration uses an all-metal handle to stand up to even the harshest working environments. We’ve also consolidated our two wands (water and air) into a single wand that can be used for both! The Radiator Genie Industrial also includes an interchangeable air fitting and an extra long wand for operator convenience in extreme environments.

Clean Heavy Equipment Under Carriage

We designed the Radiator Genie Classic to help our customers reach tight areas behind tractor radiators. While that design is great and provides plenty of utility for many different applications, the Radiator Genie Industrial was designed as an enhanced device to clean even harder to reach areas. One of the main features of the Radiator Genie Industrial is its extra long wand. The Industrial has a 50” long wand that is perfect for cleaning heavy equipment undercarriages on bulldozers, harvesters, mining trucks, garbage trucks, and more. This piece of equipment is an investment in extending the life of your equipment by making regular operator chores a breeze! Encourage your team to clean their vehicles and heavy equipment more often by making the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard!

Clean Mechanisms on Logging Equipment

The Industrial was developed to solve problems for specific industries like the logging industry. Logging equipment, in particular, involves dangerous equipment with lots of nooks and crannies that can be hard to clean. However, it is essential to clean this equipment despite the challenges presented. Forestry equipment can be expensive and repairs are often costly. Using the Radiator Genie Industrial is like purchasing an insurance policy for your equipment because cleaning is an important part of preventative maintenance. The cleaner your equipment, the less likely it is to break down. Our extra long and all metal Industrial tool is specially designed to stand up to the harsh conditions presented by the logging and forestry industry.

Blow Out Hopper Blockages

This impressive tool can be used to dislodge blockages in hoppers on many different types of machines. From grain to gravel, a blast of air from the Radiator Genie Industrial could be just the thing to get your crew back to work. Better yet, this tool is specially designed to reach hard to access areas in a hopper and can keep your team safe by giving them an extra 50” on their reach. Don’t send your technician or crew member into the depths of a hopper. Invest in a Radiator Genie Industrial to keep them safe and your equipment running great!

Eliminate Bulky Equipment

One of the most impressive features of the Radiator Genie industrial is that a single wand can be used for both air and water. Just like Radiator Genie classic, this wand can provide some heavy duty cleaning pressure just by attaching to a water hose. All of this is a great way to eliminate the need for bulky equipment like pressure washers, extension arms, and more! Want your fleet to travel a little more lightly? Purchase each unit their own Radiator Genie Industrial!

An Exciting Announcement from Radiator Genie!

Radiator Genie, the only air and water cleaning wand on the market that’s specifically designed to clean radiators of all types and keep engine cooling systems at peak working condition, today announced the new Radiator Genie Industrial cleaning wand to support growth initiatives in the heavy-duty industrial market.  The wand is extra long for larger machinery and supports operator convenience.  The Radiator Genie is making the announcement at AAPEX 2018, held October 30-November 1 at The Sands Convention Center, where it will be exhibiting at booth #1767.

“The Radiator Genie is sold in auto parts stores across the United States and Canada.  There is no better utility tool on the market for maintaining all types of machinery including industrial, automotive, agriculture, lawn & garden and all types of cooling systems,” said Micki Rychecky, VP Sales at Radiator Genie.  “Our customers have been asking for a longer cleaning wand for heavy duty, large industrial equipment and it made great sense to add the industrial wand to our product line”

The Radiator Genie, originally designed as an effective and efficient alternative to expensive tractor radiator cleanings (or replacements), is used to clean and improve the performance of radiators and cooling systems on cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, lawn equipment, air filters, A/C units, refrigeration systems, and much more.  The Radiator Genie is the only tool on the market that can effectively clean the entire surface area of these systems, including the hardest to reach areas.

About Radiator Genie

Radiator Genie is an innovative, patent-approved line of water- and air-cleaning wands for high-efficiency cooling systems and all types of radiators. Created by Jerry Crum on his family ranch in Oklahoma, the Radiator Genie allows owners to extend the life of critical machinery and vehicles by keeping their radiators clean to prevent overheating.

4 Awesome Hay Field Tips For An Excellent Harvest

Hay is an essential part of raising livestock and having a farm. While some farmers and agriculturalists can raise their own hay on their land, many have to supplement with purchased hay. In addition, those with a surplus of hay can make quite the profit off of selling bales to individuals or businesses. However, it is essential to have an excellent harvest if you want to take advantage of all of the benefits of raising this simple but necessary crop.

Check out these 4 awesome hay field tips for an excellent harvest!

Be Familiar With Your Field

Whether you are a seasoned hay grower and seller or a newbie fresh on the farm, it is important to realize that the quality of your soil and the hay field itself will dramatically impact the quality of the hay produced there. So, it is important to become intimately familiar with your field before, during, and after growing or cutting. Understanding what grows in your field, how it drains or holds water, or even spotting unwanted brush and plants for removal can give you a massive advantage. Regular scouting trips into the field can mean the difference between a great harvest and a poor one. Field quality is super important and cannot be overstated. After all, higher quality hay fetches a higher price!

Know Your Seed

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best seed for your hay field. Fortunately, you’ve been regularly scouting so you know you field in and out. Picking the best hay seed variety will greatly impact the quality of your harvest. For example, the level of irrigation available to your field is important. If you cannot irrigate your field and provide lots of water for your crop, all is not lost. Simply choose a seed variety that thrives in a drier climate. In addition, it is crucial to think about the end purpose of your hay crop. It is even important to consider what kind of animal will be fed with the crop as certain types of hay suit different kinds of livestock better than others.

Cut Smart

Cutting your hay at the right time of the season is a great way to increase the quality of your harvest. This is because the amount of valuable crude protein in your hay can drop based on your crop’s stage of maturity when it is cut. If you wait too long to cut your hay, there may be more volume but the quality of your harvest could be poor. To make matters even more tricky, harvesters have the weather to consider when they are setting out to cut their hay. For example, harvesting hay after a few dry days and the hay is not too moist is ideal. Who wants to harvest in the rain, anyway?

Keep Your Equipment Clean

Although it is very important to know your field, understand your seed, and cut at a smart time, using working equipment is also very important to have a good hay harvest. One of the basics of good equipment maintenance practices that are often overlooked is equipment cleanliness. A dirty tractor or harvester can fail due to debris and neglected wear and tear. In addition, if there is a leak or some other visible issue, they are often not spotted until it is too late on dirty equipment. Focusing on cleaning equipment is one of the most important preventative maintenance measures a hay expert can participate in while maintaining their equipment.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to clean your haying equipment fast, check out the Radiator Genie! The Radiator Genie kit includes a wand for air to blow away debris from radiators and other hard to reach areas. The kit also includes a water wand that can be used to blast away stuck on dirt, grease, and grime! Click here to shop now!

4 Awesome Ways To Use Radiator Genie On Your Farm Or Ranch That Doesn’t Involve A Radiator

The Radiator Genie is an extremely versatile tool despite its specific name. Yes, this tool was specifically created to blast away dirt, grease, and grime from hard to reach radiators with ease. However, its unique and patented design makes Radiator Genie the perfect tool for almost any situation on your farm or ranch whether you are a professional or a hobbyist.

Check out these 4 amazing ways to use Radiator Genie on your farm or ranch!

Clean Feed Troughs

Whether you’re watering livestock or feeding beloved horses, several tough and trusty feed troughs are must-haves on any farm or ranch, big or small. Water and feed troughs can get dirty with caked on mud, food, and other unsightly substances. Thankfully, the Radiator Genie water wand is a lightweight and easy to use alternative to a pressure washer when you need to blast away dried on grass, mash, and mud.

Blow Away Hay

Many times, the unsung hero of the Radiator Genie water and air wand combo is the air wand. This is because the air wand has a variety of uses that often go overlooked. For example, it can be used for blowing away hay, wood shavings, and dirt out of stalls and off of walkways. Keep your barn floor spic and span with the Radiator Genie air wand!

Fence & Corral Washing

We know that operating a farm or ranch can involve a lot of dirt and grime. This is especially true for any equipment that is used for containing livestock like fences or corrals. All manner of mud, dirt, and unspeakable things get flung about by their hooves and inevitably ends up stuck to your expensive corral pens. Every now and again it is a good idea to hose off your corral pen to look for rust or potential areas where a rowdy steer or stallion might break through. Thankfully, the Radiator Genie is the perfect tool for such a task! It is lightweight, can be attached to a water hose, and increases the pressure of a regular water hose enough to spray up to 40 feet!

Clear Out Vents

Good ventilation is essential in a quality barn. As a part of a good ventilation system, most barns have vents, windows, or slats that allow air to pass through when open to increase airflow as necessary. Unfortunately, these ventilation mechanisms can sometimes get stopped up with dust, cobwebs, and more. Furthermore, they can often be out of easy arm’s reach. Well, with the Radiator Genie, there’s no need to stress! The air wand is a great tool for blasting away cobwebs and dust when you need to reopen the ventilation in your barn.

3 Must Have Accessories and Tools for Your Tractor

Any farmer or person that earns their living in agriculture probably holds their tractor as their prized possession. A properly operating tractor can mean the difference between success and failure. A farmer’s tractor is their tireless workhorse that is capable of performing many different tasks necessary to have a successful season and feed their families while continuing to grow their business. Regular tractor care and maintenance is a must if you want to keep such a hardworking piece of equipment running for a decent amount of time. That means regular preventative maintenance like oil changes, hydraulic fluid replenishment, radiator clearing, and more. Some of these tasks have to be performed multiple times in a single working day to be effective and avoid costly repairs or even a total tractor replacement. However, tractor operation, care, and maintenance can be quite a difficult task without the right tools and accessories.

Check out these 3 must-have accessories and tools for every tractor owner or farmer…

Locking Coupler

LockNLube Locking Grease Couplers are specially designed to make greasing a breeze.

Greasing is a necessary evil for all heavy duty equipment and tractor users. If a tractor is not properly and regularly greased the essential mechanisms that allow it to function properly will ultimately fail. This means that expensive repairs are an inevitability if operators are not making greasing a priority. However, greasing can be a frustrating and difficult workday interruption. Fortunately, an innovative company called LockNLube has created a locking coupler that is guaranteed to lock in place around most grease fittings so that you can keep both hands free for greasing. This heavy-duty coupler is rated for up to 10,000 PSI and will not leak or pop off once properly secured to a fitting.

Wire Tight

Wire Tight is an innovative product that makes tightening loose barbed wire fences a breeze. The Wire Tightbarbed wire fence tightener is a fantastic tool and accessory for any tractor operator because it can be used to rejuvenate barbed wire fences as you

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Wire Tight will help you rejuvenate loose fence lines in minutes!

come across problem areas in a small amount of time with very little effort. Storing your Wire Tight on your tractor while you go about your daily tasks eliminates the need for long and drawn out treks across your property just to refresh your fence line. Fix a fence line in minutes as you go! The unique design is specially calibrated to take up six whole inches of slack with each bite! Check it out in this video!

Radiator Genie

The Radiator Genie is a patented tool that can be easily used to clean out tough to reach spots on your tractor or other kinds of farming equipment. The kit comes with an air wand that hooks up to a compressor and can be used to blow out debris. There is also a water wand that can be easily hooked up to a common water hose. Each wand is

Radiator Genie has revolutionized the way heavy duty equipment users clean their equipment!

specially shaped to reach behind radiators to make sure every bit of grease and grime is removed and your radiator stays unclogged and you can keep on farming. I especially love the fact that the water wand eliminates the need to lug around a heavy (and many times hard to use) power washer every time I need to wash out my tractor’s radiator. If you’d like to see a more thorough review of the Radiator Genie you can check out this video.